About - Ry Sangalang Photography

Vibrant Surreal Worlds for the Quirky Art Lover

Are you too busy with the responsibilities of life? Do you sometimes feel like nothing excites you anymore? Or is magic slowly fading from your life? ( I’d sometimes feel that way, without my art)

Instead of being weighed down by the monotony of daily life, why not bring some spark and energy into your life? Why not explore and surround yourself with surreal photography full of vibrancy and color?

A Little About Me

There was a time when my parents had kicked me out of the house, my grades were failing, and my bank account was empty. To stay sane, I read adventure and fantasy novels which inspired me to keep on my journey. Somehow I paid for school, graduated, and explored 27 countries.

It was the impossible stories that helped me through impossible times. So I had the epiphany that creating impossible, vibrant and colorful visual narratives can be ecstatic in itself.

The process of continually pushing the boundaries with photography and photomontage; taking photos captured from around the world and merging them into something completely unexpected and sharing them with others is super stimulating.

Below is a video of me getting close to a Kudu to capture a photo.

In South Africa, India and Asia elephant's are considered holy. Here's my attempt to get close to wild elephants for a photo.

Below is a List of Countries where I've found Inspiration for my Art and have practiced my photography:

France (Paris) Italy (Rome, Venice) Netherlands United Kingdom (London, Liverpool) Spain (Barcelona, Ibiza) Japan (Tokyo, Utsunomiya) Philippines (Manila, Pampanga, Boracay, Baguio) UAE (Dubai) Scotland (Edinburgh) Mexico (Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, Tijuana, Cabo San Lucas) Canada (Toronto) Finland (Helsinki) Sweden (Stockholm) Norway (Oslo, Voss) Denmark (Copenhagen) South Africa (Cape Town, Kruger) Zambia (Victoria Falls) Botswana (Chobe) China (Beijing, Shanghai) Thailand (Bankok, Koh Samui) Cambodia (Siem Reap) India (New Delhi, Agra, Nawalgarh, Jaipur, Mandawa) Germany (Dusseldorf) Egypt (Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan) Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) Czech Republic (Prague) Austria (Vienna)

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